About Me

headshotThe Massachusetts town I grew up in doesn’t have a newspaper.

A few years back, someone tried to start one—and curiously named it the “Norfolk Boomerang”—but the venture quickly dropped from print to online, and then from online to the grave. Contrary to what its title may imply, it doesn’t look to be coming back.

Thankfully, there’s plenty for me to cover elsewhere.

I previously interned at the Washington City Paper and The Baltimore Sun, in addition to serving an eight-month term as sports editor of The Hoya, Georgetown University’s newspaper of record. I spent my senior year of college copy-editing part-time for the sports section of The Washington Post, and I’m now serving as the 2015 Dow Jones News Fund intern on the sports desk of The New York Times

Along the way, I’ve covered DC United, the U.S. men’s national soccer team, the 2014 Under-Armour lacrosse all-America games, the 2013 Citi Open and Georgetown’s NCAA finalist men’s soccer team, traveling to Alabama by bus for the 2012 College Cup.

I’ve been trying for a long time to sort out whether I’d prefer to edit or write; all I’ve found so far is that I still love both.


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